Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Turkey gift bag/box

I'm not really sure if you would consider this a box or a bag...either way it's a fun little project just in time for Thanksgiving. 

Here are some of the tools you will need:

Start with cutting 2 pieces of cardstock ( I used SU! kraft cardstock) with your SU! top note die. You could also use the similar shape found on cricut cartridges like accent essentials and storybook.  The top note shape when cut is about 3 3/4" x 4 3/4".  Ink the edges to give some dimension to your project. 
Set this aside, this will be the front and back of your turkey.

Next cut a piece of the same color cardstock to 3"x11"

Score this piece...

Next you will need to snip the corners, so that we can fold this into shape.  You will snip from the score lines outward in the four areas where your score line intersect.

 When you have snipped all four corners it will look like this...

Next fold on the score lines inward

 You can set this piece aside for right now.

Next we will create some feathers for this little guy.  You could use just about anything that will give you this shape.  I choose to use a flower from the cricut cartridge Accent Essentials.  Here is a picture of the flower I used, and I cut it at 5"

I loaded my cricut cutting mat up with the four colors I choose for feathers

Here is what it looked like once the flowers were cut:

Next cut each of the flower petals apart

Emboss and ink the feathers.  You really only need 2-3 of each color. I had extra left over.

Cut 2 scallops that are about 3 1/4" (I used a nestie) and start attaching the feather to one of the scallops. The other scallop will get attached to the back to hide all the glued feathers


Let's give our turkey a face :)

Punch 2 circles in white with the 1 1/4" punch (whites of the eye)
Punch 2 circles in black with the 1" punch (pupil)
Punch 1 circle with the 1 3/8th punch and cut in half (eyelids)
The beak is tricky, and you will have to play with this until you get one you like.  What I did was take a small piece of cardstock fold it in half. Flip my oval punch upside down (so the metal is facing me) stick the folded cardstock in part way and punch. 
The little red hangie thingy is just an extra red feather hand cut to look like a one of those thingies. (Sorry I don't know the technically hangie thingy will have to do)
If you would like to add "hands"  I use the SU! scallop circle, cut it so I had 3 little scallop and folded it around the side of the body of my turkey.
For my sign I used a toothpick colored with a copic marker, and added a happy thanksgiving sentiment from a retired SU! stamp set.

Once you have a face on your turkey you can assemble all of your pieces:




I hope I have included enough pictures to make this tutorial fun and easy.  Next time I think I will do a video, it probably would have been much easier to follow  :)

Have fun and if you have any questions, let me know!



Oh my - this is soooooo adorable!!!


Hey! This turned out really cute!


That is soooooo cute! Love the new look of your blog.


This is to darn CUTE!!! Love it! TFS!!! :-)

Ladybug Diva

OMG! Your turkey is so cute! I love how you embossed each feather differently! He is wayyyy cute! Can I scraplift him for our Thanksgiving dinner table?! Love it! I also wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU for stepping in for me this week over at the CWTC! I am sooo grateful!

Christmas with the Cricut


This is so adorable!!!! I love this project, can't wait to see the instructions!


Lisa Sturgill

Mrs B

How cute is this! Will you be giving a tutorial? Just found your site and love it!


You are so creative!! I love the turkey and the snowman! I am so going to attempt to make them! Love your work!


OMG what a cute lil' turkey!!Thanks for sharing..

Live Love and Scrap

OMGOSH...are you kidding me (as my 2 year old says!) This is sooooooo stinkin cute!!! I was just thinking of some Thanksgiving crafts to make for the table this year...and they are! I cant wait to give this a try...thanks so much for posting the instructions =)

have a blessed day,


That is so cute. I'll be sure tocheck back for directions. I can already see a table full of them for favors! Thanks for the inpiration!!


This lil' turkey is darling. It will be perfect for the Thanksgiving table. Thanks for the directions.


This is soooooo Adorable!!!

Thank you so much for posting the instructions!!! :)


I love this little box it is sooo cute Thanks for posting the instructions.

cricut forum


so cute!!! the embossing is great, But most of all I'm in love with the inking you did!

How did you do that? Was it ink or chalk? The effect is spectacular!!!


Hi Mandy,
This turkey is so cute. I need to update you with my new email. I have been so busy with school.

Live Love and Scrap

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I am so happy you posted the instructions....I am going to TRY and make these for Thanksgiving...thanks again!!!!!!!


That is way too cute. You are so very creative.

Adeline E. Brill

So cute!!!!


That has got to be the CUTEST li'l turkey I've ever seen!!! Love it!
TFS!! :-)


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