Thursday, September 23, 2010

A small change at the Polka Dot Spot...

As some of you know I recently started a new full time job, that is consuming 99% of what use to be my 'creative time'.

I feel I have an obligation to share fabulous projects with all of my loyal followers, and I don't want to leave you with a dried up blog that never gets updated.  Lucky for me (and you) I have SUPER crafty and talented friends that will be taking over the Polka Dot Spot for me, until things settle down after the holidays.   While I will miss you all over the next few months, I don't think you will disappointed in the fabulous projects you see here, and having a little variety might be a nice change.  

I will let the girls take over from here and introduce themselves as they post their projects over the next few months....


Bug Junkie

We will miss you, but will hopefully see you on FB. Can't wait to see what's in store until you return.


Oh no! While of course it is always nice to meet new designers, come back soon!!!

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Completely understand, but will miss your AWESOME projects my Crafty Fergilicious friend!!!! Looking forward to meeting your friends, and what great friends they are to help you out, because love the polka dot spot!!!!

I too, hope to see you from time to time on FB, provided I get on there! LOL

Take care!
LisaRN499 (Lisa Sturgill :)

Joan V

Good luck with the job. Just imagine all the ideas that will pop in your mind, all the sketches you will make so you don't forget them, and then all the excitement when you get back to making all the projects. I'm sure your friends will do a great job for you until you can get back to the blog. Take care.


I love the pumpkin card that you posted. Very, very nice.