Friday, September 17, 2010

BLOG candy -o- rama!!!

So it's been a crazy busy week for me, I don't know how Joy and Melanie can do this blog stuff everyday.  I am exhausted!!  But to celebrate a GREAT week, I am going to give away a super prize.  All you need to do to be entered is leave a comment on this post, and make sure you are a follower.

Also, my bff Liz is giving away a fabulous prize swing on over to her blog to register to win that also.  She is an amazingly talented will be in awe--promise!  Here is her blog....Skittles & Scrapbooks

Ok here is what I am giving away.....5 brand new Stampin' Up ink pads, and a brand new SU! Stack & Store Caddy  (luv these!!)

In the morning I am going to update this post with projects I have done this week on , just in case you missed them.  But for right now, blogger is being ridiculously slow I am heading off to bed.  It is almost 2!!

Edited to add pictures of my projects from being guest designer this week @

Friday's project:

Thursday's card for my lil sis:

 Wednesday's layout:

Tuesday's layout:

My layout from Monday is in the post below :) 

Thanks again for stopping by.  I have a lot of exciting things coming up, that I can't give any details about...but believe me you will want to stay tuned....


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Juicy Creations
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Juicy Creations

yay im the 1st comment.. cant wait to see the projects.. thanks for a chance to win..


Good stuff!! :) So can I win???? Haha... Love your projects you did this week on Everyday Cricut! Great stuff! Thanks for sharing the bloggy love... :) You rock!


Awesome blog!!! I'm new to the Cricut world!! Definitely loving your projects!!! Thanks!!!


Looking forward to the projects, I love your BOO one, that one I seen for sure. Loved it.
angel hugs


Yum, blog candy. mississchic @ yahoo dotcom

Love Is In The Details

You were an awesome guest designer and I'm happy to have found your blog. What a great give away! Andrea

Chris Wooten

oh my gosh would love to win. i do not have manyu stamps or ink. woowhoo thank you. i love your projects

Chris Wooten

oh my gosh would love to win. i do not have manyu stamps or ink. woowhoo thank you. i love your projects


I am now happily following your blog! Your work as a guest designer for Everyday Cricut was wonderful! Can't wait to see what you'll come up with next.

Thanks for the chance to win! :o)

AnneMaflan on the Cricut MB

Jan Foselli

Thanks for the giveaway! Your blog is really cool!!!


You did an amazing job this week, loved following your work. Thanks for all the hard work and great projects.

Maureen Reiss

Loved all your projects on Everyday Cricut this week!! Thanks for the chance to win


Great job this week over at Everyday Cricut Mandy! Thanks for the chance to win an awesome prize!!! Now I am off to check out your bff's blog!



Enjoyed all your great projects
please keep up the wonderful



I just started stamping, so this would be so awesome to win! Love your blog!!! Thanks!

misingyu2 at gmail dot come

Susan from SC

I absolutely ADORE your work!! Congratulations on being a guest designer on Everyday Cricut! I hope to see more of your work very soon!


Wow! What fabulous blog candy! Thanks for the great giveaway and chance to win!

Happy Friday!!
~ JD ~


Thanks for sharing your projects with us this week at Everyday Cricut..they were great!
xoxo Joy


I love SU stamp pads. I only have 2 but want more. Thanks for the chance.

Karen Wilson

look forward to your blog projects! it was fun seeing your creations on Everyday Cricut!! Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win!

Terrie Mathison

You have done some great projects at everydaycricut. Thank you for the inspiration. Love this last home decor one!!
I'll look forward to following your blog now too!


I love all your projects on Everyday Cricut and look forward to following your blog! TFS :)


Thanks for your great posts this week and for a chance to win such an awesome prize!


What a great job you did this week! Congrats on being the guest designer, I really enjoyed seeing your projects. Thanks for the chance to win!


I've loved your work on Everyday Cricut this week. I'll be visiting your blog more often.


Oh your offer is amazing! It would be nice to win! Just heard about your blog while you were guest appearring. I'm following you now too!!


Awesome giveaway! Your projects are terrific - I especially love your engagement card - so pretty!


Mandy I don't know how they do it either but, you are catching up with them. Stamping up pads never tried them saw images done with them they outline so nice.lampshade


LOVE LOVE the work you do Mandy!! Thanks for a chance to win.


I loved your projects on Everyday Cricut! Thanks for the chance to win!


I have loved your projects on Everyday Cricut this week. Love your blog.


Love your projects, you have inspired me to drag out my cricut. It has been ages since I have used it!


Love all your projects! You are so talented!! I have a blog, well, I started a blog... My goal the weekend is to get my blog actually having stuff on it!!
Thanks for the great giveaway!!!


Love your blog, you have inspired me to drag out my Cricut which I have not used in ages. Sorry if this is a double post...I am not sure if the first went though :)


Great job. Love your creations.

Marijo aka Scraptastic Grammy


YOu did such a wonderful job this week at Everyday Cricut. I enjoyed all of our projects. I became a follower.
booger1 at


Love your work!!!congrats on being guest designer...


Love my SU!!! Haven't picked up any of the new colors. Great projects!!


All of your projects are fabulous! I need an ink caddy!! Thanks for the chance to win!
ra6352 (at) gmail (dot) com

Diana Joy

I like your BOO and that card is so beautiful. Great work. tfs. Get some rest now....


I just love all your adorable projects and thank you so much for the chance to win such awesome blog candy!!



What fantastic cards and layouts...I especially like the fall one with the leaves and squirrel...too cute.

Thanks for sharing...I just became a follower.

ktulanko AT gmail DOT com


I love yout BOO project! You are so talented. Great candy, Thanks for a chance to win!
shewhodreams at comcast dot net


I have been following everydaycricut this week and loved your projects! Thanks for the giveaway, I am now a follower of your blog!


I loved the projects you did as guest designer at Everyday Cricut. Thanks for a chance to win such an awesome prize. I've been wanting a SU ink pad holder for a long time.


Your projects are awesome. Thanks for the giveaway.


Great job on all of your blog posts this week! Love the Halloween ones!


Thanks for sharing all your projects this week. I really can't pick a favorite. I guess....ALL OF THEM!


Thanks for sharing your talents! I'm now a follower. Love your creations. Jude


Your projects are so inspiring to me! My favorite is the squirrel! I might have to "borrow" that idea for a couple of birthday cards I need to make.


Stampin stuff, I've never tried them..Been out of work so I cant buy them, heres hoping I am a winner....Fingers and toes and eyes crossed..


I just have one ink pad from SU, Luv to add these to my
collection. Thanks for the giveaway. I just signed up to
follow your blog.


I loved seeing your great projects on Everyday Cricut, especially the BOO one for today. Thank you for a chance to win your give away.


Thanks for Sharing your projects and the chance to win.


Wow, great give-aways! Count me in!

Teresa Kaufhold

Loved your week with us! I love the BOO project best of all! Thanks for sharing this week with us!
Happiqueen at aol dot com


Love the projects!! Thanks for the chance to win.


All of your projects have been awesome. I especially love today's - BOO!


Your projects are adorable. I am totally going to copy your BOO!!!
Love Love Love it.


I love all your projects this week on Everyday Cricut! I hope I win..



OOOOOH MY GOSH...I love your "BOO".
I HAVE to try this. Ive never done anything like that..but after seeing the "BOO" it makes me wanna at least try. I hope it comes out as cute as yours.
Thanks for taking the time to share!
Love the give away too!



Your projects have been wonderful. I have learned a lot from you. I'll bet it was a busy and fun week for you. I am happy Everyday Cricut has such wonderful guest. It is great to meet all of you gifted crafters.

Tamra and Natalie

All the things that you have done this week are really awesome. My son is a Halloween baby so these are dear to me. I just started stamping and I love it. THere are so many awesome things that you can do with stamps. I have my Cricut but stamps are a BIG bonus.



Loved all your projects on Everyday Cricut this week! I am signed on as one of your followers now!! Can't wait to see future projects! TFS!


Wow Mandy...beautiful work and I simply LOVE the "BOO" idea! Thanks for Guesting on Everyday Cricut or I would have missed the opportunity to follow you. Looking forward to a long crafting relationship!


Happy to have bookmarked your blog, and am now a follower! :-)
What a great giveaway! Loved your projects this week!


It's been very fun watching what you've created! Thank you. Looking forward to winning that blog candy! Lol. Mjharker at gmail dot com


I loved seeing your projects this week in particular the layouts. Definitely made me want to scrap!

Anne (


Thanks for a chance to win. And thanks for sharing all the awesome ideals this week. Love the Boo Book.



Loved your projects a the guest designer at Everyday Cricut!

Rhonda Miller

Wow, these projects are all so great. I love the BOO. Thanks for a chance to win.


Congrats on a great week. Can't wait to see more projects.


Sorry to see you go but you have shown us some awesome projects this past week. I will definately follow your blog in the future:)



I love the stuff you did this week!! You are very talented I'm glad I found your blog!! Take Care!! Jennie @


Love your projects...and want that caddy ;).

Jenny Gibson

I LOVE the BOO. It is awesome. Makes me want to do it myself. I just might. Great projects this week.

Maureen R

I loved the projects that you did this week. Would love to win the SU inks and caddy.

Lynne Smith

I am going to have to run right out to Joann's and find these! What a great idea! I am now a follower.


Hey Mandy ... I've really enjoyed seeing all your projects this week ... great job. By the way, your BOO project is my favorite!!

Jo xx


I just love all of your projects! But my favorite is the BOO letters! Too cute! You are very talented! TFS!

Skinner Family

I've loved your projects. Very easy to follow. I really LOVE the BOO letters. Thank you for sharing!


I love all of your creations this week! Loved seeing you on Everyday Cricut! Thanks for all of the inspiration :)


Thank you for the awesome inspiration! you are so talented!I'm now a follower!
--Tammy L
tealeaf at shaw dot ca

Mary Anne P.

You have a wonderful blog. Really enjoyed your projects this week. I am heading out to buy BOO letters for my Halloween project. Thank you for the cute idea.


You have done GREAT work this week over on Everday Cricut! I'll def be following you to see what else you can do!

Kathi Carlozzi

Great blog and terrific give a way. Your talent is great.


Love the BOO decor!! So cute!


I love all of them!! I just found your blog and I am now a follower yay!! Love all of your projects!! TFS!!


Your projects this week were awesome! I loved the layouts, but I especially loved the BOO home decor! I am now a follower of your blog. Great work!!


When you have a less creative block....just check out other people's things. It will get your creative juices flowing again.

Cute Cricut Corner

Wow what an awesome job you did with everything. Thanks for a chance to win. Love the Boo~~


I have enjoyed your week as the guest designer....Your work is wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize.


I am so glad you were a guest designer. Your projects were so stinkin cute- I will be sure to check here often!

Julie at thatguyphotos dot com


I love the Boo album! That is adorable! I haven't seen Stampin' Up! things in awhile...forgot how cute their stuff is!


Totally cute projects Mandy!!! Love it. Thanks for the giveaways too!


Love the Boo and the engagement project. Would love to win the goodies.

Deanne Gutierrez

I just love all of the projects that you have created this week - great job! Your blog candy is also awesome!

Deanne G

Donna Nguyen

Great projects, my favorite is the Boo decor! Would love to win some ink!

Connie Gail

As always, I am in awe of your talents. Love the card to you Sis and of course, all the cards with your little boy. CUTE!

Thanks for the blog candy opportunity. Love, love, love SU!


Loved all of your projects that you have done!

Linda A

Sentimental Scrapper

Loved all of your projects!!!


Going to miss you at Everyday Cricut so I just joined your blog. Thanks for the invite.


Great projects!! Love them all!


Jost love your ideas!

Texas Stamper

Love all o your projects but especially the BOO decor item. I am geting my first house this month and hope to be able to make it or my new mantle.


AWESOME!!! I love SU! And all you projects from everyday cricut are great!!!! PICK ME!!...LOL Have a great day! =)


All of your work is amazing, I can totally see why you have been asked to be a guest designer.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work!


Your projects this week were amazing!


Hi Mandy
this has been my first week on Everyday Cricut. I really enjoyed your daily posts. Thanks for making this a place I really want to keep coming to.


You did such a great job!

dolfnz777 at yahoo dot com


OK! forgot to leave my contact info on last post =( Awesome work on everyday cricut girlfriend!! I just luv SU pads & caddy I want them!!!


I am really enjoyed your stint as guest designer over at everyday cricut, your projects ROCK!!! Also thanks for the chance at the giveaway!


Loved all your projects this week, especially the BOO decor. Sooo cute!


Great projects and thanks for the chance to win.


Great Candy!!!!!! Love to win. You did an amazing job, congrats!!!!


Would love to win the giveaway!

I have enjoyed all your projects on Everyday Cricut this week. Thanks!


Great projects! Thanks for a chance to win!

This comment has been removed by the author.

All your projects were wonderful! I never think of doing the letters, but am thinking this would be a great project for some of my library areas! Thanks!

cindi m

fun stuff!! Your projects are super cute!


Thanks for the chance to win and love your blog!


I LOVE that BOO decoration you did! That is sooo CUTE! I will have to give this a try! Your blog is great too! Thanks for offering blog candy! hopefully I will get lucky! I am now a follower!

Kris in Alaska

I hate to see you go from Everyday Cricut but so glad you posted your blog address! Love it!

Kris in Alaska
funamom at yahoo dot com


I really enjoyed your projects this week. Can't wait to see me. Thanks so much!


Thanks for a wonderful week, Your projects blew me away!Thanks for the chance to win that great prize.


love your site (I subscribed) and I would love to win the blog candy, thanks for the opportunity. The projects you did for Everyday Cricut were great, I especially like the fall and engagement ones.


Just loved all your projects on Everyday Cricuts....... especially the home decor idea!

Roni K


Awesome!! I love your projects, and would love the blog candy! thanks for the chance to win!

pink cotton

Oh, I love your BOO! It turned out really cute ;).


Awesome giveaway. Thank you for having it!!!

Manhattan Mandie

I love to see your projects!!! You have done a FABULOUS job this week!!!!


Too cute Boo just love this one, Thank you for sharing look forward to more awesome ideas. Thanks for the chance on the give away.


such cute projects...and yes I am way behind in scrapping...I need to snap to it


Loved this weeks projects. Wow what a great giveaway. I would love to be the winner of the stamp pads and pad holder. Very cool
Thank you
Linda in Stanwood


Love all your projects. Will You Marry Me card is my favorite. So elegant

Burffrau @ aol dot com


Loved your projects during the week and I'm glad to have found your blog.


Hey Mandy! Here I was asking you about SU ink and now I have a chance to win 5 AND a caddy! Thanks so much for the opportunity! :)

Courts Crafts Blog at gmail dot com

Courtney Lee from FB!


Your work was amazing last week as always. I love your blog. Thanks for the chance at the great blog candy.


Great job this week as the guest designer! Loved all your projects...thanks for the inspiration : )


I love all your projects! I'm going to look for some paper mache letters to alter this weekend. Thanks for sharing!


Love the BOO! :)


Loved your creations over at Everyday Cricut this week!! Thanks for sharing your creativity this week!


Great Projects! Would love to win!


Love the BOO!


I have really enjoyed your projects this week, I especially love the "Boo" one. SO cute! Thank you so much for sharing! Linda

Luv Scrapping Together

I've enjoyed all your projects this week and have become a follower. Thanks for all the inspiration.



Loved seeing all the great projects you made this week!

Memories Crafted

Carrie K

This is a awesome blog candy! I would LOVE to win! All your projects this week on Everyday Cricut have been fantastic!
carriedan1 at live dot com

IRW Dana

Loved all your projects at Everyday Cricut this week. I have to find a SU demonstrator so I can buy more of these ink pads. I just love the colors they have. THanks for the inspiration and the chance to win. papermemories4u(at)yahoO(d0t)com

Donna Marie

I enjoyed all your projects while you were GD. I'm happy to follow!


Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Your projects are all amazing! I really love how you made the BOO it's super cute!


I absolutely LOVE the fall page I hope you won't mind if I use your idea to do pages for my grandchildren we just built "fairy" houses in the magic forest in out back yard and this is a perfect layout sketch for it. OH yeah would love to win your blog candy LOL thanks
I'll be having a give away next month please check it out.


Enjoyed all your projects this week. I've been a follower for almost a year. Glad you're back.
Thanks for the chance to win a great prize.


You did great on Everyday Cricut.
This is the first time that I ever have said this bur I really hope I win this.
I don't owm any stampin up ink pads. Let alone the awesome caddy.
Thanks for the chance.


I love your "BOO"'s a great and easy project to make. Thanks for some wonderful ideas!

We are Lakeland

I loved all of your projects but really liked the "Boo" that you posted today. So cute! Thank you for sharing your work.


Thanks for a week of great ideas.
Loved the way you used black flocking to make sillouettes on your sisters card.
I would absolutely love to win the ink pads and stand!!
Red Hat Lady


I've loved your work at Cricut Holidays. Am so happy to follow your blog now, as you're quite inspirational - thanks!


I loved all of your work this week but I especially liked the "BOO". Thanks so much for sharing.


Wow, what a great giveaway! Count me in!


You ladies are sooooo talented...when I use your layouts etc. you make me look so good. Thanks for all you do!


As always, Your projects are to die for! Glad that you are feeling better.

Sue Giddens


I love the BOO home decor, so cute! Thanks for sharing your great ideas.
Lisa J.


I've loved all your projects this week! Liz is an online friend of mine, and I'm jealous you actually get to talk to her in real life lol ;)

Great work all this week, and I can't wait to see more!


Terrific projects!!! Thanks for the chance to win.


You are so talented! Lots of inspiration here for a newbie.


Hey Mandy, Great job, love the look of this weeks creations! Will miss you, but will keep check on your offering of ideas...thanks!


Great projects. Hope I can be one of the lucky ones. Thanks for sharing and have a great day...


I love all your Halloween creations. We don't do much with Halloween here in the UK, but I am trying my hardest to convert people. Will follow your blog avidly


I have loved each project this week. I really like your style! Thanks for offering the blog candy. Pam


Ooo, stamp pads! What an awesome giveaway! I hope I win, I hope I win......


Love your work! A great job this week. Would love to win!!!


Loved all the projects you did all week! I looked forward to them everyday. Thanks for the chance to win!



I have really enjoyed seeing all your projects this week! Thanks for serving as guest designer!


Loved your projects as much as the humor with which you present them! Thanks for the smiles!


I really love your BOO decoration. Youare so talented, I love your blog, thanks for taking the time to share your creative talent with us.

Marta Valdes

New to your blog. How exciting! Looking forward to seeing projects.

Thank you for the opportunity to win. Have a great weekend!


Such great projects. Thank you for showcasing your work at Everyday Cricut.


Mandy, I have so enjoyed all of your projects this week and look forward to seeing what you create in the future--You are very talented. Thanks for the giveaway


OK, i'm on your blog, am a follower and blog candy goes well with BOO :)


Love your projects. You did a fantastic job with them as always. Fingers crossed for a chance to win!


Love all your projects!


I love all the projects you made this week! The BOO is adorable.

Stamp with Sandy

I love your BOO book. It's so cute! I need to get the Mini Monsters cart. I see me using it for all kinds of projects.

Thanks for the chance to win!



Would love to win the blog candy. Great giveaways. Thanks for the opportunity. I will keep my fingers crossed.


Love all the projects you did this week especially Boo.



Love your projects! They are all so cute! Thanks for sharing!

krissaxt at yahoo dot com


Would love to win thanks for the oppurtunity. I have so enjoyed your posts this week, you have inspired me so much. I love love love your layouts. So nice to see some layouts (I am not a card maker hee hee)!!


I love SU! stuff!!! I am a follower and have been for a long time. Thanks for the opportunity to win!


Thanks for the oppertunity. I am still kinda new to this. Thanks for sharing!


Mandy, I've enjoyed all your projects this week. Thanks so much for sharing. I'd love to win your blog candy, thanks for the chance. Shari (cricutrookie)


Just became a follower. WOW! Love your layouts.

Marjorie from TX

marjorie _ brundage at sbcglobal dot net


Awesome blog spot! Your projects are so cool. My fav is definitely the Boo! So cute! This give-a-way would be a great "Blog Candy" to win! Good luck to everyone!


I love your blog. So many cute things!


I have looked at your projects all week on Everyday Cricut. They were all so amazing. Loved everyone, especially the BOO letters Thanks again. I would love to win some blog candy. I enter all of these giveaways but never win. So here's to good luck. Thanks again.

Cornville Country Crafts

Thank you, I love this blog
Gail at

karen's korner

Your projects this past week were awesome. My favorite was the BOO book.


Great giveaway! Love those layouts! Thanks for sharing.


I love all your goodies!! I am a follower!! I hope I win!!!

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