Friday, July 27, 2007

who has time to stamp with a puppy running around!?!?!?

I guess I forgot how much work puppies can be. It's like having a baby crawling around constantly getting into things, always hungry...and going potty every 30 minutes!!!

Here is our new little bundle of joy...

Her name is Ella (but we call her Ellie) she is a 12 week old Yorkie.

Yes that is a dress she has on ;) She has about 15 different outfits...she is one fashionable pup!!

Could she *be* any cuter!?!?!

That is her big sister Morgan...they are best friends!!

I promise to get my butt downstairs and get some stamping done! With the kids home for the summer and the puppy---stamping has gone to the wayside :(



Cute! How much does she weigh? We have one that looks alot like her. Ours is 5 lbs and is 11 mos. old!


I do not, as a rule, like little dogs, but she is just ADORABLE! That face couldn't get any cuter.

Peggy S

Wow-- CUTEST DOG EVER!!!! Seeing her in outfits is so fun!! :) Do she bark a lot?


No kidding who wants to stamp with a cutie like that!


She's still adorable Mandy!


She is SO CUTE!!! I wish I could talk my hubby into getting a puppy. We did just get a kitten I can totally relate to a new pet getting into mischief.


I'm soooooo jealous!! I want a Yorkie sooo bad. She's adorable!


your puppy is adorable :)

The Stampin' Soldier

I love the name Ella aka Ellie. My sister's birth name is Ella, but her nick name is "Ellie". WEIRD!!! Anyhow, my little Lilly Belle is the same age as your bundle of joy. Another weird! She is just too cute! Lilly says "woof!"


OMG, what a super CUTE puppy!

Meli Mitchell

Mandy! We just got a teacup Yorkie last night...Miss. Gypsy Golightly. Yours is just as adorable! Where DO you find those tiny clothes though??


Your puppy is just too cute! Oh, and your cards are nice, too. LOL!