Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So where are all the cards you ask???

That is a good question! This is suppose to be a blog about stamping and scrapbooking...and yet I have nothing posted on this matter! How rude!!

Well the problem is that my stamp room is undergoing some *MAJOR* renovations, and all my stamps are packed away in boxes. I miss them :(

So I was thinking...seeing how I don't have any pictures of cards or scrapbook pages that I have done recently. I figured I will post pictures of the new stamp room as we work on it. I know...not as much as stamping projects...but it's all I got for right now!!

These 2 pictures are showing what we started with.

Here is a picture I took this morning. As you can see we finally got the stairs flipped around so that they lead into the 'soon to be' family room...and I get a new closet! Fun!!

Tonight we are planning to do some drywalling on the closet. All I know is that we better get cracking, because I have stamp club in this room in 20 days!!!!